Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Wake-Up Call!

"Hurry it up, I'm not getting any younger."

This is a phrase I hear people say far to much throughout my day, Especially when I am at work. 
The fact of it is, it is true. We aren't getting younger. Each day we live, is one more day of our life....gone. 
Now, it all depends on how you look at the glass, 'Half full' or 'half empty'. Quite frankly, I look at it half full. So this saying "I am not getting any younger" is very trivial to me. 
A role model in my life would always say "Today is another day closer to Eternity." What a true fact. Every day, every moment and every breath we take, we are getting that much closer to seeing Jesus face to face. I don't know about you, but that gives me goose bumps to think about. 
When thinking about that fact, I mean, really thinking about it, I have to look at my life an question it.

Here is something I always ask myself...
What did I do today that will impact eternity? Did I show a lost soul the Maker within me and his saving grace?, or even do something sacrificial for the Lord?
What are the motives behind what I do? I question myself with this ALL THE TIME. 
I know a lot of the girls i mentor always ask, "whether we eat or drink we have to do it to the honor and glory of the Lord" How am I supposed to do that? 
I believe it all ties back into our motives. Are we eating to satisfy ourselves or to give us the energy to keep serving the Lord. So many things we do through out each day, We need to look at our motives behind them. 

James 1:17- "Every good and perfect thing is from above..." We need to accept the fact that nothing about us is good. Everything that we do, that is truly good, is the Lord doing it through us. We may be a Christian, and an over-all good person in general and just do'good things' all the time.
BUT if we aren't denying our self daily and taking up the cross, the Lord isn't going to work through us to do that and it will be,...overall....worthless.

This life is NOT our own.
We think the World revolves around us. We get so upset by 'that car' that cut us off. We HAVE to have the biggest cookie, OUR needs, OUR wants, OUR desires are always first. That's our flesh.

Why do we waste our life on such petty things? 

Jesus didn't waste his. Aren't we striving to be like him?

Jesus gave up heaven, came down to this earth filled with wretched people, and took the form of a human. He should have been praised, But instead, he sacrificed his whole time here. He was a servant. He washed his disciples feet, He paid the ultimate sacrifice...He died. 
Why are we wasting out lives? I know i waste mine daily. 

Romans 12- Give your life as a sacrifice! (like Christ did) AFTER ALL- this is our reasonable service"
We go to idols so much instead of our Lord. Someone told me an idol is something you will sin to get. I do believe that, but I believe it is more then just something you will sin to get, it is something that takes the place of God. 
I recently deleted my Facebook for 4 months because It was an idol to me. I am not saying this to talk my self up, by no means, I am saying this because we ALL have idols and we need to man up (or Women up) and get rid of them. 
We are here for one purpose and one purpose alone. To serve our God. 
We can't do that with Idols, wrong motives and a fogged view of how soon he is coming back.

I believe the Lord is bringing Revival.....
....and it's going to be big.

Revival is going to hit America like a wave. A tidal wave. Only some will ride the wave out, And others, they will be left holding on to their traditions and un-biblical rules/beliefs. 
We don't want to get lost in this wave.
We want to be so confident that when this wave hits, we WILL be riding it out, and we need to help others get on the wave to. (discipleship!)

My Point- Revival will only come through those who DENY ONESELF, Take up their cross daily, and make them self an open vessle to the Lord to fill up. 
The Lord is going to bring revival through those people.....
,....and I believe A Lot of those people are going to be the youth of America. 
When we look at a lot of youth, our first reaction is no way. I know so many Youth that are seeking God with all their heart. All they want to do is get together and pray and seek. 

Maybe this is just me, But I am sick of adults saying "Boy, its something else to see a kid your age really seeking the Lord." Ha! That may be true in a way, but It would be something else to see more Adults TRULY seeking the Lord, Or anymore for that reason.

There has to be so much more to Christianity then, reading, praying, singing,  Church, and discipleship. I want to experience my God. The God of the Old testament- Who has and will never change.
"Ask and it will be given, Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be open."

Examine your life..... What are you REALLY living for? What Idols are getting in the way God? Are we willing to be a sacrifice to him?

Friends, ASK for the Lord to give you a driving passion to seek him. (then praise him for it) SEEK him, and you will find him.(Prov. 8:17- Those who seek me, find me) Knock, He will open the door to show you all he has in store for you.


  1. Wow Sarah! You are so right...and we all need to be on fire for the Lord!!!!

    Revival is needed...we all need it!

    Love, Linda

  2. Thanks so much for your comments on my posts. :) real Encouraging to know there 'is someone' reading them. Glad you agree. :)

  3. To KNOW my God. Not simply be an excellent Christian by the letter! Yes, this has been the cry of my heart these days.

    Right on sister, right on :)