Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Being Different Made a Difference.

"Everyone is different." 
Boy, what a pretty obvious quote. I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to go to work, school, or the grocery store to realize this statement is true. Everyone is very different in their own, unique, special way.
While growing up, different aspects of my life lead to me desiring to be very different then those around me. I tried really hard to stand out. I desired to be "liked" by certain people, to be "known for something", and to "be good at this or that." 

No longer do I think as a child. I have put childish things away and now think with a spirit of maturity given by God. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I do still desire to be different, Very different. But not in the selfish foolish ways I used to. I desire to be a Woman of God. That, my friend, sadly, is very different from a lot of people I know. Something I desire to be with all my heart.
Often when I am kneeling before my God in prayer, I find myself praying something that sounds all to similar to my last prayer and those prayers before. I kinda find myself in a pleading sense.  
I am Desperate.
What am I desperate for? To be a Woman of God. 
 Never once did I ever think God would have enough Grace and Love to get me to the point that I was desperate to be A woman of God, A woman flooded with his spirit. 

Because of this Desire I have prayed a great deal more. I have sought a Great deal harder. - And God has revealed something to me. Instead of wanting to be a Woman of God and...That's it. It ending there, at it being just a mere desire, I Try as hard As I can to achieve it, grasp it, fight for it.
I am doing that very thing. I Have written up a resolve for my life. I resolve to fight for Christs Spirit, a Resolve to be different - and through being different, Make a difference!
Here is my Resolve...

I Sarah Kathryn McCarthy do solemnly resolve before God, My family, and Friends that....

- I will  embrace my current season of life and live with a spirit of contentment. 
- I will live as a woman answerable to God and Faithful to his word.
- I will be quick to listen, slow to speak and esteem others more highly then myself.
- I will be faithfully patient to my Lord in waiting for my future spouse.
- I will forgive those who have wronged me and reconcile with those I have wronged.
- I will not tolerate evil influences in myself or my home, but will embrace a life of purity.
- I will pursue justice, love mercy and extend compassion toward others.
- I will not dwell on negatives, but instead be driven off the positives and the joy brought with them.
- I will commit myself to learning "skills" that can help me impact his kingdom.
- I will make today's decisions with tomorrows impact in mind.

In no way is this going to be easy. 
In no way could I, a wretched person, even be able to desire these things.
In no way could I know what this will look like.


God has given us a Spirit of Hope.
God said he is faithful to finish the good work he has started in us.
God said he will lead us and never leave us. 
God said that I can do all things through him that gives me strength.
God is good.

I am willing to fight the world, AND MY FLESH, to be able to attain these God given Characteristics. 

Take a challenge my friends, Hold me accountable to these things. Challenge me. Encourage me.
Then, Get on your face before your God and ask him what he wants to change in you. Make your own "Resolve to change". Then, take Faith!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear Mommy....

Mothers Day ....

     -That one day of the Year that Moms are shown the true appreciation they deserve. 
     -The one time a year that every kid get out a piece of paper and writes a letter to ‘The Best Mom       
           In the World’.
     - That one time a year that teens give their mom a hug. 
     -That one time a year that Adults call their mom or even tell them that they love them.

Not this year for me.

I think that a true appreciation for ones mom comes from maturity with age and understanding. I can honestly say that I have ALWAYS Loved my mom and really appreciated her, but not till this past year have I realized how much I really appreciate her how much she means to me.

Let me introduce to you my mom…

My Mom has a daily sacrificial attitude. – She constantly is sacrificing her time and desires to mother, care for, love, and raise her 10 children up in the way of the Lord. This is something I wish to one day attain, That, I know for a fact, I don’t have right now – One full day of babysitting all the kids is enough for me, It’s a lifestyle for her.
My Mom loves the Lord her God with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. – and evidently shows and shares it with her family. She takes her ‘Get ready for the day time’ to sing, pray and teach them in the word before anything else.
My Mom has laid down her life. – Just like Jesus gave his whole life time to teach the disciples and people, My mom is giving her whole life as a sacrifice to the Lord to raise little Christ like followers. Her kids are her ministry field. -She is training little warriors to go out and fight the battle for the Lord.
My Mom has taught me how to be a pure and blameless Woman of God. – God has taught me more this past year then through my whole life, and my mom was always there to encourage me, remind me of Gods promises and give me someone to hug. She has taught me, and all the better, SHOWN ME, what It looks like to Love, follow and Lead like a woman of God.
My Mom is one Hot Babe. – C’mon, She has had 10 kids and could pass as my sister. haha ;)
My Mom has a passion to minister and encourage the lost, burdened and single moms of Today.
My Mom is the kind of mom that I can only wish to ever be. - Her patience, Love, Sacrifice and the Christ in her inspires me to be the best mom I can be one day. – and not to be just a Good mom who does what she thinks it best for her kids and gives them what they want, but a mom that will be willing to ‘be the bad guy’ to help them learn what they need to.

I cannot write any or all of this about my mom and leave out one HUGE fact about her... I know she would be devastated beyond all belief if I wrote all this about her and left this very one thing out. – My mom is who she is and does what she does, because of Christ. Christ lives and dwells in her. By no means could she ever desire to have 10 kids, to have the patience to raise them or the Love to love them.  Our God, Jesus Christ, flows out of her and controls her.

 My mom is who she is Because Of Christ.

Dear Mom,
I want to wish you an EVER so happy mother’s day! I have reason to believe that you’re getting a lot more loving this mother’s day  then a lot of other moms, I mean come on, there are a lot more of us to love you. ;) Do Know, that even though I have been cursed with the lacking the actions it takes to really showing how I feel sometimes, I do love you, very, very much.  I look up to you as a mother, friend, and role- model. Keep letting the Lord do his mighty works through you and never get discouraged or give up.
Your Daughter,
 p.s - I Picked you some of your favorite flowers. :)

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