Monday, March 5, 2012

Courtship? Dating? What?!?

"I Kissed Dating Goodbye"

This is a book that I have never read. I have recommended and given it to so many friends, but have yet never read it. In a way, this makes me feel hypocritical. To be honest, I am not sure why, it just does.
You see, Growing up, I never had a problem with dating.
I was never in a relationship.
It wasn't even an option in my home.

Growing up my parents would always tell me and my siblings that the first date we would go on would be with our spouse, when married. I always laughed at this.

 I have never really had to worry about this issue of dating.
Through the years I was always eager for this time of life to get here.
The time of life being-Out of high school, ready for a relationship.
Quite frankly, now that I am actually here, I am scared out of my mind.
I don't want to mess this up.

Growing up, never really thinking much about it,and what not, may or may not have been healthy, but most recently I was hanging out with some friends of mine and the topic came up.
What is the purpose of dating? (this I have always held to)
What am I looking for?
When will I be ready?

These are all things we talked about. Things I have always thought about, But never in extreme depth.

Thinking about all of these, I have come to many conclusions. Therefore, I have decided to write a blog on this. You see, Being the age I am, people are starting to show interested in me as a person...I don't blame them, I am pretty cool (totally joking) but this is something that we can't skirt off to the side. We need to face this season of life in a biblical way. 

An ever so godly friend told me the other day....

Don't settle for great. Settle for Godly!

Boy did this get me thinking.
 I can't let my head get wrapped around these "interested people" and loose sight of my purpose and...Godly!
Just realizing the fact that I haven't even quite gotten to talking about what God has been showing me yet and you may be thinking that I am absolutely insane, If that is the case, I encourage you to keep reading, because there is so much juicy stuff below. :)

When thinking about all of this, there are some points that we really need to see, and Believe!

What is the purpose? - To find that person who you will marry.
                                    -Therefore, don't date for a game. There is no short term dating.
                                    - If you wouldn't marry them...Don't date them.

The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. -Be patient and wait for Gods leading.

If you have convinced yourself that "They are the one" just wait.-, If it is meant to be.IT WILL Work Out.

Guard your heart- Don't just give it out to anyone, Save it for that special someone that God has instore.

All of this above ties with..... In fact, I feel everything in life will come if you....SEEK THE LORD. 

"Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart.
Lean not on your own understanding.
In ALL YOUR WAYS, look to him,
and HE WILL DIRECT your paths."

Seek the Lord violently and he will show you.

I know for myself, talking with my friends, all of the above, I believe. I live by. I am in no hurry to "find someone to date." I am waiting for the Lord to strike that one.
 But one thing is for sure, by golly, I know what I am looking for.  Biblically. A godly upright man.

A Man of Character.

"Character is what you are in the dark, when noone but God is looking" - Randy Alcorn

     -A man of prayer
     -A man who is a Seeker and leader
     -A man who Loves God, more then He would love me.
     -A man who is unashamed of the gospel
     -A man who is financially wise
     -A man with Agape Love
     -A man with an Attitude...
            _Attitude of humility
            _Attitude of obedience to God
            _Attitude of contentment
            _Attitude of hopefulness

One of my favorite quotes -

"A woman's HEART should be so hidden in GOD that a man has to seek HIM just 
to find her"
-Max Lucado

We can not give up hope that God has that perfect person for us. Seek him and let him lead. 
Don't try to take matters into your hands. 

Maybe he wants you to accept the place you are at in life before he will give you something else.

All I know is, I have faith in my God. If he so desires to bring me that "Knight", "prince", Man, I 
will be there ready to accept that. but, If he doesn't in my timing, and doesn't at all, I will be ready 
to accept that as well.

I encourage you to continue to seek the Lord. 

Psalm 16:11 - Thou wilt show me the path of life.

He doesn't lie, Have faith in that and Seek. 

You Will Find


  1. WOW. I could have written this post and it would have been identical. (well, probably not nearly as well written and as well articulated / communicated) This is EVERYTHING that I believe and everything I have been thinking about recently. To the last little dot. Especially the "MAN! I DONT WANNA MESS THIS UP!" part.

    "Seek the Lord violently and He will show you"

    "The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing." Did you come up with this line? I really really really like it.

    Also, the "husband list" is right on! Honestly it's cool to see. I know lots of girls that have "lists" like that, but not very biblical at all. Well written

    Seek the Lord sister, He's faithful! :)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Cody. So cool to see a fellow brother taking on these same beliefs!

    But yes, "seek the Lord violently and he will show you" Boy, I feel like every area of life would come together if we only did this. We would begin to realize how much we need to rid of ourselves, While at the same time,because of that, we will begin to thank and act like him...resulting in His leading in all areas.

    Oh, yes, That quote about the right thing and the wrong time being wrong. I did not come up with that. I wish I could have taken the credit for that. It was actually the name of one of the chapters in "I kissed dating goodbye" I am a chapter title skimmer. ;) haha

    Thanks again for reading and your comment.
    I encourage you to continue to seek after our God! :)

    1. Amen.

      I confess, I read about half of the book and skimmed the rest. (that was a while ago too)
      Good quote just the same. :)

      My pleasure

  3. You have a great focus, Sarah, and are arming yourself with truth as you enter this season.
    People will probably ask you "How will you decide if he's the right one to date-with-the-intention-of-marriage if you don't DATE first?"
    There are many other (and often more productive) ways to get to know a person than dating. Volunteering, hanging out as families, doing life together allows you much more insight into a guys' character than when you're in the often-artificial setting of a 'date'. That is how I came to realize my husband was 'the one' before he ever asked my dad to court me. Oh, but that's a fine line to walk - guarding your heart while seeking His best for you. It was tricky to realize this was the guy I was willing to spend the rest of my life with, while at the same time not yet sure of his intentions! Your great relationship with your mom and dad (as seen in your hilarious vlog) will be your best support in this season. It was for me.
    Live life fully where you're at and God will be faithful to fulfill His plans for your future.

  4. Your mother has raised a wise daughter. I wish I had had the same thoughts/opinions when I was young. Do not get caught up in the world's ways of being in a hurry to be in a couple. Too soon you'd find out that it only brings heartache. Be strong in the Lord and he will continue to guide you thru all the mazes to the straight road