Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Latest Devastation

Everyone has something they are passionate about. Something that means a lot to them. This varies for every person. This can be things like Sports, Sewing, collecting things, photography, having the latest trends, etc. Well, I am about to let you in on a secret that not many of you may know. I am very passionate about....
..My Hair.

You see, When I was a little girl, I had long beautiful hair all the way down to my lowest back bone. 

Then, I wanted something different, so at age 12, I cut my hair all the way up to my chin! :0 
Short, huh!

Well, of course, right after that, I wanted it long again, so I decided to never cut it again.

This probably wasn't the best idea because I hear your hair grows better if trimmed occasionally. Well, I was always scared that the hair dressers would cut my hair to short when trimming it. Therefore I have trimmed my hair since I was 12 (with maybe 3 times having my cousin do it).

Well, I am now 18 and my hair has finally started getting Long again. 
My hair grows so slow. :(

So, Here is is...
Isn't it getting so long? :) (it's so great)

Well, Most recently I went to get some red highlights put in my hair (looks awesome, btw) But, the hair dresser asked if I wanted a trim. I did something stupid. 
I said "sure".
While emphasizing the point that she couldn't cut off very much because I had been growing it out.

Well, this ended very bad. Sharp scissors and 4 inches later, what had been done was done. 
My whole family and all my friends have heard me complain about this far to much.

I was/am pretty much devastated.

So, here is my 'New' and hated 'Trim' :(
Isn't that super sad? Look how short it is!!!

All this to share with you how sad I am. and, to ask you, What are some things that meant a lot to you?

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