Monday, February 20, 2012

How Insignificant I Was

I have something Silly to share. Something that seems rather silly in fact, But, It gives you the best picture of how worthless we once were.

The other day I was hiking around my woods and I came across an ant hill. This ant hill and all the action around it quickly grabbed my attention. So, I sat and watched all of the little ants make their army work lines and carry food in and out of the hole. As I sat there, it started sprinkling, The smell of a heavy rain was in the air. So, I decided to sit there for only a few more minutes before heading back to my house, after all, it is always a delightful, adventurous thing to get caught in the rain. Well, while sitting and watching these ants, I started to realized a little stream of water coming down the hill behind me and hitting the 'ant hill'. I soon realized that these ants were going to be destroyed by the rain that was to come from the storm. So, I started telling them they needed to move or they would be destroyed. (Not sure what I was thinking, Due to the fact they can't understand me.) I then started yelling, but they still couldn't hear or understand me. Then, the craziest idea EVER crossed my mind, What if I could turn into an ant and then merely tell them they needed to move before they would be destroyed. Me, turn into something as worthless as an ant, just to save them? Seemed kind of silly. Well, the rain started to pick up and I had no choice, So, I started wishing and wishing and wishing as hard as I could to turn into an Ant. When I opened my eyes, I was black, and small, and jacked and I had several legs. I then ran to the ant hole as fast as those short little legs would take me. I started telling them that they needed to move because they would be destroyed if they didn't. They considered me an impostor and literally killed me for it. When they merely should have been praising me for giving up my Amazing life to help them.
The worth I had once had, took the form of worthlessness to try and save them and they killed me. 

Does this remind you of how wretched we are? 
OR Does this remind you of how insignificant we once were? Then Christ came and game us a purpose. (Amen) 

This was my little siblings bed time story the other night. . . Got them thinking as well.

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