Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Interesting Adventure

Today I woke up to another normal day. I ever so grumpily crawled out of bed, merely because I think getting up in the morning is the worst thing on earth. :0 I then went about my usual morning things and  looked in my Day planner. (Ya, I am one of those people that basically write down my hour by hour day, It helps to have things laid out and clear for my mind.) Anyways, My day planner looked something like this...

-Thu, Jan 26-
Dentist @ 9:00
Work from 11-3
Coach Basketball practice from 3-5
Go to the gym and get buff (ya, that was my exact wording. ;))

Today was a busy, well thought and planned out day. Granted it is only the afternoon yet, but my day has been going far different from how I planned it to go. I am sure so many of us face this frantic planning or stress when our schedule isn't working out. So, I was off to my first appointment, The dentist. You see, I have a strong dislike of people putting things in my mouth. I never really used to care about it, but, through the last few years, having 3 surgeries in my mouth and no good outcomes of dentists it has kinda just stuck with me. Anyways, I went to the Dentist and got an ever so nice ' Cleaning'. Tho, I don't really see how they cleaned my teeth any different then I do. :O After that, I was scheduled for a filling on one of my teeth. Terrible isn't it. One of my precious teeth needed a filling. Ya, there is a secret for ya. ;) Well, I sat in the chair to get ready for my filling. The room was white and cold and all I could hear was music, that was supposed to relax me, playing in the background. I wasn't relaxed. The doctor came in and gave me some numbing shots and such. This has been by far the weirdest thing I have EVER experienced. He gave me a shot that went all the way through my head. My eyes blacked out and my nose froze. I couldn't move or speak. I was pretty sure I was dying. After about 3 minutes, my sight came back. The rest of my face was frozen, but, at least I could see, right. Then the worst thing, The doctor got out that drill we all so desperately hate. He started drilling away at something. While he was doing it he was asking me questions about my life. How on earth was i supposed to answer him while his hands are in my mouth and my face is numb, It was mega awkward. Well, After a long time sitting there, my dentist visit had finished. I left, went to my car, waited sever minutes and my face was still numb. I had to call in to my work and tell them that half my face was immovable and i couldn't work today. Talk about awkward. Great impression on them after working there for only a month. I clicked 'End' on the phone and headed home. Although the hilarious part of this all was around my eye was numb so everything was mega blurry, So i drove home with one eyes shut (so i could see) and half my face stuck.

Below I have posted a photo of my amazing smile for you all to see and admire. ;)

I hope you have enjoyed my pointless blog of my Dentist visit. Somethings in life just have to make you smile. This is one of those things that made me. :)

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