Tuesday, January 24, 2012

                               Things that bring me Joy....

So often I will just be going about my day and something will come to my mind of happen that just brings an ever so big smile upon my face. I am sure we all have endless lists, But here are a few of the things that brought me Joy today...

-  Finding an extra and last piece of gum in the bottom of my bag (This is a big one)

-  Realizing my gas tank could go just a little farther then I expected.

-  Getting an ever so generous tip from a sweet old lady.

-  Getting that little extra time in me bible.

-  Waking up to life.

(i just realized this is looking rather upside down pyramid like, Had to break that. :0)

-  Getting a hug from my sweet little sister.

-  Hearing from my long lost friend. :) (this made me very happy)

I hope there are many things that you can count as ' Things that bring you joy'. 


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