Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Ever caught little caterpillars and watch them transform into butterflies? Well, Every year Since my family moved up into the country, we would walk our road and look for those little tiney critters. It has been several years, 7 or more actually. We would always get on our hiking boots, tuck our ripped jeans in so they would not get dirty, climb in a wagon and walk down the road. We were on a family mission. We were looking for a little plant called milkweed. Usually we would find the caterpillars by looking for half eaten leaves. We would get so giddy and excited when we would find one and our dad would take the plant they were one, put them in a jar and we would watch them eat, grow and create for themself a crissalis. Then, A few weeks later, we would wait for that awesome moment when they come out of the crisilis and are beautiful Monarch butterflies.

   I was not with all my senses the day we went over the summer and didn't even take my camera, But once we got back, We took several shots. Here are a few...

  Our caterpillar hunting crew.

What a fun adventure that was. :)

Now it seems silly for me to write about a summer adventure in the middle of a cold winter, But, there is a reason. One reason is because something I absolutely LOVE to do is to look back and past memories in my life. (especially ones that make me think of the warmth. haha)  The other reason I wrote this post is because I have been thinking about what it means to be remade and transformed, in a biblical sense. Something to think about is that, that caterpillar had to go through something 'crazy weird' as wrapping itself up in a crissalis for a long time, till it would be remade. So often, We as Christians don't want to do anything out of our comfort zone to seek the Lord, or even be remade into the likeness of him. But when we do, When we let the Lord mold us and make us, We become something Beautiful. A beckon for him. Give up yourself and let him transform you into hes most beautiful creation!

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  1. I really liked this post and how you compared the caterpillars transformation with the transformation that takes place in us in a spiritual sense.

    It must be wonderful to live out in the country with your large family! Many adventures!