Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Testimony of Ones Self

I thought it would be wise to have my first post be about my own testimony, due to the fact that the main occurrence on here will be others that were made 'In His Image'  testionies. Those who have encouraged me and hopefully can you as well when you read them.

 My name is Sarah McCarthy, I am a high school graduate and I have always had a passion for photography, but even more, especially, God. In the year of 2001, my 8th year of life, on November 12th I made a confession of my sins. I Fully believed God was God and asked him to forgive me of all my sins. I was then accepted into the kingdom of God. The problem after this was, to me, Christianity was a bunch of rules that I had to follow. I would always try to live FOR God, not as he would or even let him live through me. It wasn't until my 11th grade year that this changed. I started attending Twin Tiers Christian Academy. Our thyme for the year was passion and I started to gain a passion for the Lord. But that was it. I did nothing about it. I wanted to read my bible, i wanted to give up my idols, i wanted him to live through me, but I had so many strongholds, it was nearly impossible. I then read a book, This book was called 'Crazy Love". This book really really convicted me. You see, I am not at all a reader, but when i read a book, I get through it in about a week. This book took me 2 months to get through because it was so hard to grasp what it was saying. It talked about a Lukewarm Christian. I was that very thing. a lukewarm Christian. It talked about how God would rather have us not care bout him or be on fire for him, rather then lukewarm. all we do when we are lukewarm is put shame to his name and act like we care.Fakers. In revelations it says that he will spit them out of his mouth. It then listed some things to which a lukewarm christian do...
     - A lukewarm christian compares them self to the world, so they think their a good Christian.
      -A lukewarm christian doesn't give to charities or church if it is going to hinder on something they
     -A lukewarm Christian goes to church every Sunday, because it is expected of them.
The one that really got me was
      -A lukewarm Christians here stories of Gods power or how he works or uses someone and thinks
           that cant be them, they are moved, but they go on with life normally.

I didn't want any of that anymore. I got on my face and cried out to God. I cried out Galatians 2:20 I wanted to be Crucified in Christ. I no longer wanted to live, but let him live through me so that the life I live in this body i live for Jesus Christ, the son who came and gave his life for me. That's what its all about. I look at my life and think, why don't I worship God like they did in the bible? why isn't he everything to me? Why aren't the fruits of the spirit evident in my life different from the fruits, ot of the spirit, are in the world. I am just like the world, I just happen to have a relationship with the savior of the World. Being saved isn't getting to heaven or to save us from the penalty of sin. Its a relationship with The Lord, The name above all names. Its a life change and we need to seek after him and let us continually change us. Thank God he unveiled my eyes. I pray this testimony was an encouragement to you and you pursue a better relationship with God. No one can be to "Godly".


  1. Can't wait to see some pics! Looking forward to reading also.. Love you!

  2. Enjoyed reading through your testimony! :) It's amazing to me to see God transform people, over time, into beautiful reflections of Him. I also accepted Christ at a young age--4 years old. It's interesting to me how God calls some people to repentance before they've even really experienced much. Since the day I "prayed the prayer", it's taken a lot of growing, maturing, and realizing what Christianity really is, for me to fully experience the glorious reality of our magnificent Creator, Who desires a relationship with His creation.

    I think, sometimes people believe that conversion stories that start as subtly as yours and mine aren't as powerful as the "night and day" ones--but, I don't believe that to be true. Looking back on my life, I can see the unique power of a love that grew slowly, and becomes more brilliant and real every day. It's awesome to me that God works on such a personal level that He creates a unique masterpiece in each of our stories. :)

    Looking forward to seeing more of you here! Welcome to the blogosphere. ;)

  3. Sarah...welcome to blogland! Thank you for sharing your testimony.

    I made a profession at age 8 and was baptized at about 12 years old. And I continued to go to church and live my life...but I didn't quite understand what the conviction of the Holy Spirit was until I was older.

    I had some hard times and married and went through a divorce after 9 years of marriage...and then re-married while I was not living for the Lord.

    But after being married to my second husband for 3 years I came to really know Christ in a personal way and I committed my life to Him. Then I started growing, and I felt the Holy Spirit's conviction when I sinned, and would repent and make things right by asking for forgiveness.

    It was 15 years after me truly surrendering to the Lord, that my husband became a Christian too. I had prayed for him for those 15 years. We got baptized together...since I realized that I hadn't been baptized since I truly became a Christian. So that was so wonderful to be baptized together.

    Now that has been 16 and 1/2 years ago, and God has been so good to us.

    Well, that is my testimony. The Lord is worthy of my praise...and I give Him the glory for saving me...and my husband.


  4. Sarah! So happy to see you out here. :) I enjoyed reading your testimony and think it's wonderful how God transforms people. I praise God for the Holy Spirit who moves us and convicts us and just draws us closer and closer to the righteousness of God. Oh to be like Him. Won't it be just wonderful when we dwell in heaven without our sin nature? We will be able to worship God wholly and selflessly. I look so forward to that day!

    Looking forward to following you here.

  5. Sarah,

    I am an avid follower of your mom's blog. I followed her facebook link to this page and was instantly wowed. I love your heart and your passion for the Lord. Keep on pressing into Him, because life is a million times better when you experience it through Christ. To be crucified with Christ and to have Him live through you is truly amazing. As someone who has walked away from that passion several times throughout her life, I strongly encourage you to not let go of Christ, no matter what.

    I look forward to following you!